Meet The Staff

Crystal Low, RDA- Scheduling Coordinator

Crystal is the newest to our staff, but she is a dental veteran. Deeply rooted in East Tennessee, she recently made the move southwest to be with us, and family of course. University of Knoxville grad with a BA in psychology, the therapeutic phases of dentistry nourish her desire care of patients. She is multi-versed in both clinical assisting and administrative tasks which makes her adept at knowing how to schedule your appointment as well as answer pre- and post-visit questions and concerns. Her energetic, fun-loving personality inspires those around her patients and peers alike. Slight obsession with the outdoors, whitewater rafting, hiking, music and her dog (Kameron) makes her our go-to person for adventure.  


Q: Favorite Type of Cuisine?

            A: Mexican

Q: Action, Comedy, or Romance?

            A: Comedy 


Picture to come!


Sheryl Jett- Insurance Coordinator

Originally from the Midwest, Sheryl has had the opportunity to experience living in several areas in the US, as well as abroad. Although she attended Belmont and MTSU to study art, a staffing agency in Georgia is to credit for noticing her creative and kind-hearted personality being a great fit for the dental field. She has sculpted her knowledge of dentistry in her two decades of experience in a variety of specialties including orthodontics, oral surgery and endodontics.  Sheryl has a passion for coaching patients on their insurance benefits, and how they can utilize them to retain their oral health as long as possible. Family time, antiquing and cooking, along with keeping her paint brush wet, is how she can be found relaxing out of the office.


Q: What did you want to be when you were a kid?

            A: Oceanographer/Veterinarian

Q: Favorite Cartoon Character?

            A: Winnie the Pooh


Kayla Zirnheld, RDA-  Clinical Assistant

With her high spirit and blossoming smile, Kayla encourages every patient at our office. Always eager to educate herself and others, she jumped at the opportunity to be in dentistry as health care has been an immense interest of hers. Kayla’s understanding of administrative and clinical assisting, combined with her flair for nurturing, she can be found guiding the wary and reassuring the anxious.  Always empathetic towards animals, dogs especially, she unwinds at home playing with her young family. Kayla also moonlights as one of our social media experts.


Q: If you could live anywhere where would it be?

            A: Hawaii

Q: Mountains, Beach or Library?

            A: Beach



McKenzie Chockley, RDA- Clinical Assistant

A terrified, self-proclaimed dentalphobe, the need to face her fears and support those like her, led McKenzie to dentistry. Her sweet demeanor, energetic charm, and attention to detail enables her to provide true, individualized patient care  for children, elderly, and anxious patients. McKenzie is avid about total body health and its connection with oral health. She hits-the-ground-running with a smile on her face, and for those around her, it’s infectious.  She finds solace at the lake with family and having adventures with her two little super heroes.


Q: Is your personality closer to Mint Chocolate, Rocky Road or Vanilla?

            A: Vanilla, “Ice, Ice, baby!”

Q: What’s your unique talent or hobby?

            A: Couponing


Kaitlin Marlin, RDA- Office Manager

Intrigued by a childhood friend’s hygienist mom’s cute scrubs and the stories she would tell, Kaitlin always wanted to be in the dental field. While taking her prerequisites at MTSU, she took a receptionist job at a cosmetic & general practice to help build her dental knowledge before dental hygiene school. Connecting with patients on the attainability of good oral health, and helping them build a smile they could expand their future on, drew her in. Multi-trained in both adminstrative and clinical areas, her multi-tasking ability is a true wonder!  Her decade of experience in different aspects of a dental office enables her to be resourceful to patients and other dental members alike. Outside the office, she enjoys the simplicity of a southern farm life with her family.


Q: If you could pick an accent, what would it be?

            A: Australian

Q: What animal do you see yourself like?

            A: Barn Owl