Patient Testimonials 


Dear Dr. Kim-Park & Staff,

Can only begin to thank you for your quickly filling me in on Monday while in awful pain. Your kindness,, humor, and care moved me from pain to comfort in a short and careful way. Also appreciate your directness and honesty for the “what comes next.” Very grateful for your aid.     -Best Regards, A.S.C.   

Dear Dr. Melanie , 

I cannot express adequately my appreciation to you and your staff for the kind, expert care that I received by your office. It was as gracious as if I were an honored guest in your home. I guess that words are inadequate for such care. Thank all your staff for me…

Every GP should have at least one RCF. I would give them new perspectives on diagnosis and treatment.

Thank you again. May your practice be richly blessed.


Dr. J. H., D.D.S.

Dear Dr. Kim-Park,
I think of you quite often, with deep appreciation and a vast array of admiration.

From the calming beauty I could not fail to sense the minute I walked in your door, to the highly professional, courteous and genuine customer/patient care I received from you and your staff.

Of all my years undergoing some very extreme dental procedures and treatment, it is, by far, the medical and professional wisdom you so expertly weave into your treatment that stands out; that truly allows me to thank you; that allows me to be honored that there are Doctors who go the extra mile, explaining the procedure, calming fears, instilling in “us patients” the remarkable joint characteristic that you have duly earned-expertise and compassion. I am so very grateful that our paths crossed.

With Admiration, D.M.

Dear Dr. Kim-Park ,
This is just a note to tell you I appreciated your excellent care and professional service from your staff. You have a great practice and you are on the top of my list of recommendations.

I wish you well.



I went to Dr. Parks last week for a root canal because of a past root canal 25 years ago I swore I would never have another one, but, but, but dr. Parks has changed my mind on this point of view. Petrified is not even the word I would use for a dentist, because I have always been scared of one. I even told Dr. Parks I had rather have a baby than come to a dentist. She and her staff were so understanding of my fear and made it as comfortable as anyone could ask for. I have done very well, no pain at all and really no soreness. If needed to I would go back to Dr. Park in a heartbeat. I would like to say thank you Dr. Parks for everything. Merry Christmas to you and your staff. God Bless You always.     — Sonjia W.

Dr. Park ,
I just want to thank you Dr. Park and your staff for all of your help this past Tuesday. I was very afraid of the whole process and your gentle care and kindness made the whole experience a positive one for me. I now know if I have to have more procedures like this that there are skilled and compassionate people like you and your staff who care and are dedicated not only to help but to make it easier on your patients. You treated not only the tooth but the patient also.

Again, I can’t say I am looking forward to another root canal, but if it is in my future I hope I am fortunate to have you and your staff to help me. Our community is very fortunate to have you here.

Thank you again and again! You are Greatly appreciated!


Dear Dr. Kim-Park ,
I just want to take a minute & thank you for your excellence. I’m so happy you were able to save one of my teeth and one of Tim’s as well. 🙂 Your staff totally rocked as well!

Perhaps you’ll remember how terrified I was last year when I came to you. this year I was totally relaxed only because I had such a good experience last year. I totally trust you. I can’t say that about many folks in the medical/dental field. I appreciate you!

Thank you! 🙂


Joanne C.

Dear Dr. Kim-Park,
Just wanted to thank you for the excellent care throughout my root canal treatment. With my compromised immune system – simple procedures are not always so simple. Thank you also for the care and empathy you gave me, even as I called you at home.

You have an excellent staff – all very professional, but also kind and compassionate. Each time I called or came buy the office, they did their best to help me and make me feel comfortable.

Thanks and gratitude to you and all your staff!


Sherry L.

I went to Dr. Park for my first ever Root Canal about 3 weeks ago. I was EXTREMELY nervous and scared as I had heard so many bad stories about having this done. I told them I was nervous when I got there, and they were very good about getting me to relax. The procedure was absolutely painless. The doctor and nurse were wonderful and very patient and explained each step of the process. I left there and went directly back to work. Was VERY easy. I could do it again tomorrow. And for me, that is saying a LOT. 🙂 Thank you for your wonderful service.  — Jennifer B.

To all of you at Heritage Park Endodontics,
I just wanted to drop a note to make special effort to let you all know something; I just went through a class (8 hrs.) at work for improving and better customer service skills. You all have excellent customer service. Both days I was in your office “everyone” was so nice. I didn’t feel like you didn’t want me there or that I had ruined your day for being there. You were efficient and fast to get to me without my having to “wait” to get any appointment or after I had arrived. I never felt uncomfortable or out of place. Everyone was talkative and just nice. You really don’t find that anymore especially in a doctor’s office. I just thought you all should know. Thank you all so very much for all you did for me.


Dr. Kim-Park,
Given the complexity of my situation, I did not expect you to perform my operation successfully. I really appreciate the extra effort you, and your staff gave to save my tooth. I believe any other specialist would have gave up, but you worked past lunch giving every effort to make sure my root canal was successful.

I graduate Saturday and I feel better now than I have in the last two months. I didn’t realize: How Bad My Tooth Was Bothering Me. Thank you so much for your hard work-you have no idea how much this means to me!!!! (Keeping My Tooth)

Sincerely, T. J

EVERYONE at the office!
Thank you so very much for the wonderful treatment at the skillful and gentle hands of Dr. Park during my recent appointment on Thursday, April 28!  The staff was great-from what I can remember with my eyes half-closed and the new office was very posh (my son said it was “spa-like)!

My jaw is a little tender but otherwise, my nerves are much better than what they were in that tooth and my anxiousness has finally slipped away!

THANK YOU again for such great treatment and care to address my concerns.


Dr. Park,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being so patient & explicit with me while having my root canal done.  My first root canal experience yesterday was BETTER than any EXPERIENCE I have had getting just a cavity filled. 
Thank You Again!


Dear Melanie Kim-Park,
“Thank you” seems inadequate!  I can’t say enough in words how grateful I’m to you for relieving me of all my pain.  You and your staff made me feel so at ease down to the smallest detail and overwhelmed by the feeling of concern about my pain.  Thanks again for making my first trip to your office a pleasant experience.  You have a very lovely and comfortable office & waiting room.


Dr. Park & Staff,
I so appreciate your warm reception of me last week.  I am sure you receive calls often from other dental office staff needing your service.  I have to tell you how comfortable you made me feel about seeing me & that means so much.  And then when I got there-it was so easy!  Your office really does offer such a genuine hospitality & I really appreciate it.

Thank You,