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We have two types of appointments available to your patients: 


  1. Evaluation / Consultation only  –  this type is for your patients that you are unsure if they need endo treatment, questionable restorability, retreatment cases, and for patients needing multiple treatments (2 or more).  Even if they require an evaluation, we can usually get them back for a treatment fairly soon.
  2. Evaluation and Treatment – this type is for those patients that you know need endodontic treatment for sure.  The doctor will always evaluate again prior to treatment to confirm your diagnosis.  Most of our other referral offices appreciate this option in straightforward cases because patients only need one visit versus two.  Treatments lasts approximately one hour and most cases are completed in one visit.    

Please feel free to call us with any questions or you may email Dr. Park directly at [email protected]     We look forward to working with you!